Everyone has fears, some may seem irrational to people who don't share them. Many are commonplace. Some people are afraid of spiders, heights, rats, and the list goes on. I just strolled through the building & asked a few coworkers about their greatest fears. The one that really struck me was a coworker who said hers was fear of losing loved ones. I've lost two siblings to cancer, so I can empathize. That's not my greatest fear, however. A recent study, published by SWNS, listed America's top 10 common fears. I found #10 a little surprising. A reported 5% are afraid of birds.

Here's the rest:

#9 fear of flying (14%)

#8 the dark (15%)

#7 Fear of public speaking (17%) Sorry, I can't relate to that one.

#6 18% of us are afraid of clowns

#5 & #4 are a tie. Claustrophobia & fear of needles (21%)

#3, at 23%, fear of going to the dentist.

#2 38% of us are afraid of heights

What's America's #1 fear?...

51% of us are afraid of snakes.

Three of mine are on the list. I'm telling which ones. That way no one can use them against me. Does that sound paranoid?


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