If you've been driving for years or just the past five minutes you have developed a sense of fear about the roadway. Perhaps it's more honestly called respect than fear. It's knowing that there are things on the road that you don't like driving through, near, or around. Here are five of those greatest fears according to a recent survey. 

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    Driving In Snow

    Especially in our part of the world snow on the roadways is not very common. Even if you've migrated south and have lived here for a while you're still not as good at driving on this God forsaken white spawn of Satan as you think you are. Many of us will just stay home if it snows. That shows that while we may not be as skilled as are northern counterparts we do have a lot more common sense.

  • Courtesy WLOX
    Courtesy WLOX

    Driving Around Big Trucks

    If you're a frequent driver on the Interstate System or some of the bigger roads around town you've encountered the big trucks. These trucks are a lifeline of commerce in our country. They deserve their portion of the roadway. The fact is that most of the truck accidents that happen are the result of you and I not being really smart around these big rigs. These professional drivers do their best to look out for us but it's hard to see everything. I guess that's why so many of us have a little trepidation when we have to scoot by a big rig.

  • How To via YouTube
    How To via YouTube

    Parallel Parking

    It was way back in the late 70's that I recall parallel parking as being part of the driver's license test. I don't think it's included in today's road test. It's not a skill most of us have. That's why they have invented self-parking cars. Even the auto manufacturers get it. They know we think parallel parking sucks. You usually only run into those odd ball parking slots in downtown areas or in smaller communities.

  • Courtesy LPD
    Courtesy LPD

    Parking Garages

    There are several things about parking garages that can really get your anxiety level up. Almost everything in there is concrete or steel. That means if you hit something it's going to hurt. There are many blind corners so you don't know what you're actually going to see around the bend. There are jackwagon drivers who think a parking garage is a speedway. By the way while all this is going on you're trying to find a darn place to park. Oh yeah, if you're claustrophobic you might as well look for a spot on the street.

  • Andy Lyons/Getty Images
    Andy Lyons/Getty Images

    Driving In Fog

    In our part of the world the "marine layer' as meteorologist like to call can get especially thick. Even if you're on a road you are very familiar with not being able to see landmarks is particularly scary. If you drive at night in the fog chances are you will get religion if you don't already have it. There are things you can do to improve your safety while driving in the fog. The best advice I can give is don't drive when it's really foggy. That meeting, that appointment, that surgery can wait until the sun burns the fog out of the way.

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