Where was your fist date with your current partner? Are you single & looking for ideas? The folks at brobible.com report Clover's analyzed 3 - 1/2 million first dates by their users nationwide.They compiled a list of the top 30 spots for a first date. The most popular spots were national chains, given the fact it was a nationwide survey.The list contains a few surprises. Would you believe 7- Eleven (#17) made the list? It beat out Bonefish Grill, Applebees, Longhorn Steakhouse Chili's and Outback, to name a few. Here's the top 5...

#5 Panera Bread

#4 Texas Roadhouse

#3 In -n Out Burger

#2 Chick - Fil - A

...And #1...Starbuck's

Apparently "It's just coffee!" is America's top way to go for that first icebreaker. The only "local" spot that made the list (#23) was Central Park in New York City. My first date with my fiancee' was an outdoor movie (Movies in the Parc) in downtown Lafayette, La.

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