When he looks straight into the camera and speaks on KATC's "Crimestoppers" program, Lt. Clay Higgins makes me want to turn myself in for crimes I didn't even commit!

Many are applauding his style: his straight-shooting approach with a serious demeanor, a squared-away appearance, and a slight empathy for the criminal - a perfect mix of authority and tough love.  Lt. Higgins is winning the hearts of law-abiding citizens: not only in Acadiana, but the rest of the country is noticing him, too.

Recently profiled in the Washington Post, Lt. Higgins' style has people calling him the "Cajun John Wayne", and criminals are turning themselves in after seeing themselves on the popular "Crimestoppers" segment on KATC TV3.

In another feature on KATC's website, The 3rd Degree, Lt. Higgins touches on the riots, looting and protests (and their differences) that recently took place in Baltimore.  Click this link to watch the straight-from-the-heart video.

Do we need more officers like this on the force?  I believe so.  Men and women who uphold their oath, protect the constitutional rights of all citizens, regardless of their skin color, and truly live to serve and protect.

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