As we wade through this coronavirus pandemic, there are many negatives upon which we could dwell, but we are best served to not do that. We must try to keep some sense of normalcy in our lives.

I posted a story about some celebrities the other day and was bombarded with messages about being "insensitive" and "do you really need to post about celebrities at a time like this?" and so forth. The answer: Yes, I do.

It is important to maintain some sense of normal during times like these when most things aren't normal. Think about it: our work schedules are wonky, the kids are out of school, restaurants and bars are closed - heck, most places of worship are smart enough to abide by the governor's directives and not hold gatherings. And on Easter Sunday, one of THE holiest days of Catholicism, we can't go to church? That's asking a lot of most anyone raised in the Catholic faith. But we still need to maintain some sense of a balanced life. (I understand that KATC TV3 will be live-streaming Easter Mass!)

For those who chastised me for posting a story about celebrities during the coronavirus outbreak: I forgive you. I understand that we are all stressed, some of us more than others. But part of my job is to post about celebrities and, in fact, I must meet a certain quota or else I will get "written up". Nobody wants that. Especially me.

If you are experiencing emotional issues due to the coronavirus pandemic, you are encouraged to call the SAMHSA Disaster Distress Helpline (800) 985- 5990. This helpline provides 24/7, 365-days-a-year crisis counseling and support to people experiencing emotional distress related to natural or human-caused disasters.

So, if you could, please understand this: not only is it required of me as part of my job, but it is healthy for me to continue meeting those quotas. Even though I don't physically drive into the office each day, I still get up at the same time, shower, dress, and then head into my workspace at home. (Those extra 50 minutes of commute time to and fro are now spent on the back deck with a cup of coffee in the morning and a cool beverage in the evening.) For my sanity, I need to keep this schedule. One thing I won't do is let the coronavirus win. I will do my duty to avoid others, stay home as much as possible, share any resources I may have with friends and families, encourage others to do the same, and try to keep my schedule to maintain a sense of "normal".

If it is part of your daily schedule to chastise someone for posting on the internet, I will allow you to chastise me for doing so if it helps you keep up your normal schedule because, hey, we all need some normalcy in our lives right now.

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