This is a hot topic right here!  I did hours of research for this Daily Message and I think I nailed it.  You see, guys don't know how to apologize to a woman.  Heck, most of the time a guy won't even know what he did wrong.  So today gentlemen, your old friend CJ is going to take you under his wing and give you not one, but TWO, step by step methods by which to apologize to a woman.

In this video, I give guys two proven methods by which to apologize to their significant other.  The first method is the 'short' way to say I'm sorry, method two is a bit longer.  Any man currently in the doghouse can pick which method better suits his crime, lol.

Guys, get out of the doghouse and get back into good graces with your significant other.  I've done the work, all you have to is watch the short video to make things a whole lot better around your house.