Some Washington Football fans found themselves in the middle of a pretty crappy situation at the team's home opener.

FedEx Field is located in Summerfield, Maryland—and for nearly a quarter of a century, The Washington Football Team has called the stadium home. After today, it looks like they may need to call a plumber for some emergency home repairs.

The WFT faced off with the Los Angeles Chargers and one fan noticed something leaking from above. Almost immediately, it was realized that this wasn't just a small drip as water began pouring into the stands.

Instagram user @TommyOb5 posted the clip to his story which was captured and shared on social media.

The video quickly went viral, but as bad as leaking freshwater would be on its own, it was soon realized that this was far worse. Someone could be heard on camera saying "that's sewage."

Fans scattered, with many of them clearing the area once they caught a whiff of the pungent odor. This guy was definitely all of us.


The clip went viral as commenters ranged from those who expressed disgust to others who cracked jokes about the WFT.

We've seen FedEx Field criticized heavily for years, but this could be the video to get the owners to give these issues the attention they deserve.

Somehow, this wasn't the craziest thing that fell from a football stadium this weekend.

We're so happy to have football back.

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