By now you know that the roof of the Cajundome needs a good cleaning and the process is now underway.

However, as we previously reported, the roof of the dome is being cleaned this week with the use of drones.

In the past, you may have seen workers on the roof scrubbing the surface, but this time drones are doing most of the work.

L.A. Drone Services was awarded the contract to clean the Cajundome's roof and the process all started on August 1, 2022.

Like many, I too have been waiting for a video of the drones doing their work over the Cajundome and now L.A. Drone Services has provided us with a few videos of the drones spraying the roof.

This process is not only innovative, it is mind-blowing!

Check out how these drones are giving the roof of the Cajundome the shine it has been missing for months.


In an update, the process will continue this week, but like all of us, the drone needed a quick break, and what a view it is from the top of the dome.

Here's another really nice shot of the drone taking off and lifting up to the height of the roof to be cleaned.

If you happen to drive past the Cajundome in the days ahead, slow down and check out this process. Hey, it may even be worth parking to watch these drones do work.

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