There's some serious work being done at Moncus Park and things are really beginning to take shape.

If you drive by the park on Johnston street, chances are you see some dirt hills, a few paved areas and a lot of heavy machinery. But after taking a look at these drone shots that were posted on the Moncus Park Facebook page earlier today, there's some serious progress going on.

If you look closely at the photos (it took two to totally capture the size of this ginormous outdoor space) you can see that the entrance is almost complete. The stairs that you can see from Johnston street lead to the dog park that is under construction.

You can see the green grass growing on the great lawn and the lake is done and full of water. You can also see the grass sprigs on the two large lawn areas along the coulee across the old bridge. I feel like by years end we'll see the park continue to take shape and we'll be there enjoying it as a community before you know it.

If you want to check out more info and keep up with the progress just visit and sign up for their newsletter or just do what I do—follow Moncus Park on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date.

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