Watching deadly spiders get blasted with a flamethrower might be what you need to see to get through the week...


I don't know many people that like spiders, and that includes myself. That said, I don't take enjoyment in seeing living things suffering...unless those living things are spiders. YouTube user leokimvideo feels the same way, especially since the backyard of his Australian home is infested with deadly redback spiders, kin to the black widow spiders we know here in the States. Mr. Kim has found using a butane torch and an Australian brand of men's hairspray provides an extremely quick and (probably) painless death.

Mr. Kim has recorded numerous videos of his experimentation with different methods for killing these spiders humanely. My favorite is above, but you can see more here.

Mr. Kim is an explosives expert and has done special effects work for Hollywood movies and TV commercials. Please DO NOT try this at home.

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