Did you catch this?

The crew on SpaceX returned to Earth late Monday night and if you were outdoors you may have seen as they re-entered the atmosphere.

Several videos of SpaceX returning to Earth surfaced on social media Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

If you were lucky enough to see it LIVE, you saw what appeared to be a huge fireball racing across the sky as SpaceX made its way towards the Gulf of Mexico.

Rob Perillo FB
Rob Perillo FB

The four crew members, who have been in space for six months, were retrieved off the coast of Florida.

From there, along with their medical team, they were flown to NASA in Houston.

What an amazing thing to witness and if you missed the return of SpaceX to Earth, like I did because of the time change, here are some amazing videos to watch and share.

You don't often get to see this under such perfect conditions.


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