It's like the movie Armageddon, without the drama.

NASA, the National Aeronautical and Space Administration crashed a speeding spacecraft into an asteroid, in hopes of changing the asteroid's course.

Before we go too far, know this: there is no risk to our planet associated with this mission. It was merely a test to see if the course of a 500-foot wide asteroid's path can be altered by slamming a spacecraft into its side.

NASA is comparing the size of the asteroid to that of one of the pyramids in Egypt, and the size of the spacecraft to that of a golf cart.

The spacecraft launched in November of 2021 and has traveled over 7 million miles to rendevous with the asteroid.

Rendevous? I meant to say "smash into".

The spacecraft was flying at of speed of about 4 miles per second, which translates to over 14,000 miles per hour prior to crashing into the asteroid.

via Twitter
via Twitter

It is the hope of scientists that the collision will cause the asteroid (not the one pictured above) to veer off its current path, even if it is just a very slight amount.

The spacecraft collided with the asteroid (successfully?) at around 6:15 pm Central Time.

Watch the replay below.

I am amazed at how clear these images are that were taken 7 million miles away from earth!

It was great to watch the team behind the mission celebrate in the control room.

via Twitter
via Twitter


It will be at least a few days before NASA knows if the mission was a success.

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