When one baseball player thought his trot around the bases would be one filled with joy and celebration, it wasn't until after he crossed home plate that the realization hit him - he too had been defeated by 2020.

This video speaks for itself, just check out the robbery below @elevensportstw

In the Chinese Baseball League, the Fubon Guardians made a play that will leave anyone that knows anything about baseball in amazement.

Let's get the obvious out of the way, what an amazing play by the outfielder who took a home-run away from their opponents. You can see the happiness in the pitcher's eyes when he realized his teammate had saved him of giving up a centerfield homer.

But the real story here is that of the batter. A deep ball off the bat that is hit so hard it seems like a no-doubter. But in the year 2020, no one is safe from the wrath of the world around you.

The wrath this baseball player faced was that of pure robbery and sleight of hand. The centerfielder deserves an 'Oscar' for his performance here. The snag was so far over the wall that everyone in the stadium was fooled into thinking it was a home run. It wasn't until the outfielder tossed the would-be homer back into the infield that everyone realized the batter had been robbed!

This video is the perfect representation of no one being safe in the year 2020. Just yesterday, we learned that the Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes are going to be delayed this year. This just leads me to ask the question, is anything safe in the year 2020?

Whether you love home runs or cakes, just know that you better cherish every deep ball and sweet treat that 2020 has to offer.


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