This is wild.

LSU fans have invaded Omaha, Nebraska for the NCAA College Baseball World Series, and one local sports bar there has hit a home run with its marketing strategy.

Rocco's in Omaha is keeping count of the number of Jello Shots fans purchase and they have broken it down by fan bases.

Each university participating in the World Series is represented on a whiteboard in the bar and the number of Jello Shots they ordered is documented and updated throughout the day.

Well, as you may expect, LSU fans have run away with the competition. In the last update that I saw on social media (Monday morning), LSU fans in Omaha ordered over 11,000 Jello Shots at Rocco's.

One Eunice man, who is an LSU Tiger fan, walked into Roccos and ordered $1,000 worth of Jello Shots.

The 200 shots he purchased were credited to the LSU fan base and I assume many fellow Tiger fans at Rocco's were gifted shots from Mr. Cormier.

Check out this Tiger fan walking up to the bar in Omaha and ordering $1,000 worth of Jello Shots.


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