Washington recently announced changes to it's policy about dealing with and traveling to Cuba.  These are the biggest changes in 50 years.  But as with most things that come out of the White House, the new policies are a bit confusing.

It is still illegal to visit Cuba, but only if you're going as a tourist.  You CAN however visit if you are traveling there to be with family, on government business, if you're a journalist working on a story, research, meetings or educational activities.  You can also visit Cuba for religious activities, humanitarian work, private foundation work, import/export work, art and athletic performances, clinics and workshops or support of the Cuban people.

It is now legal for you to bring back to the states up to $400 worth of items from Cuba.  That includes up to $100 worth of cigars or rum.

Before the recent changes, a person could only send $500 to family members in Cuba, the new policy says $2000 every three months is fine.

And finally, the U. S. will open an embassy in Cuba for the first time since 1961.

Wonder what John F. Kennedy would think?




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