Are you planning to go to Festivals Acadiens et Créoles this year, but you're not sure where to hang out? Individuals, organizations, and companies interested in reserving space at Girard Park for Festivals Acadiens et Créoles can do so starting today. The Festivals are scheduled for October 14-16.

If you enjoy going to the festival and want to have a dedicated landing space at the park, you can reserve a spot starting today. In a press release, Festivals Acadiens et Créoles said "By reserving a festival space in the park, festivalgoers are provided with a dedicated place to enjoy the festival with family and friends all weekend long."

For those interested, tent space rental ranges from $75 for small individual tents to $1500 for bigger company tents. Organizers did note that all tents set up at Festivals Acadiens will have to be registered. Space rental is open to everyone, be it the general public, companies, or area organizations.

You can learn more about renting tent space at their website.

Festivals Acadiens et Créoles also recently announced on social media that they are looking for volunteers to help put the event on.[0]=AZXI5fOz8MBBNtXT2u86_6A4-o69bOefVi6UJ4GPtNvJxPdRTl4ZegD09QG2_uSwLS3dfQBzVGeTgcnOMpKJrbcIOjRg32-R3_kHli0RQ5Ta_Vz7BZR8bmFpS3DifRnYrmHD8ONNJCGxlmFnUhiW4TeoAVQQLcCyV9Ldztcz33LeBfiBMeKOF2Bbt6xNao5K6xuyQNpCIqnOmXYjSn3l2hfC&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Festivals Acadiens et Créoles traces its roots back to the first Tribute to Cajun Music Festival organized by the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL) in 1974. Festivals Acadiens et Créoles was officially established in 1977 as a series of festivals with components of music, food, and crafts, but was later condensed into a multiday event.

The massive celebration of Cajun culture operates as a nonprofit corporation and is run by a community board and volunteers.

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