There is nothing like enjoying your favorite band while enjoying your favorite beverage. We do that a lot in South Louisiana, our fairs and festivals are legendary. In fact, the music at our fairs and festivals is only overshadowed by our propensity to drink.

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Now, wherever you have drinkers you have an issue with patrons not wanting to pay "festival prices" when they could bring their favorite booze from home for much less. While this strategy sounds like a win for the consumer, it's actually not.

Many fairs and festivals count on alcohol sales to be able to afford the musical acts they are presenting on stage. When you "bring your own" you're only hurting the festival and its future, so remember that the next time you're thinking about sneaking in contraband booze.

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But, if you are going to bend the rules for your personal economic benefit, you're going to have to be pretty crafty and sly about the entire operation. And while we've admired the engineering and planning that some of you have gone to beat the high price of getting drunk, this Texas man takes the BYOB cake.

This is a video from Tik Tok contributor @ed_eden_eddy. And I have to admit, their plan to bring booze into the Austin City Limits Festival was pure genius. It's also against festival rules but if you can look past that, you have to admire the planning.

If you didn't figure it out from the video, here's what they did. In the days before the festival began, they went into the park and buried a bottle of booze. Obviously, they had to operate in a very clandestine way because I am sure, digging in a public park will get you noticed just like walking into a festival with a full bottle of booze will get you noticed.

Once inside the festival grounds, they pinpointed the location where the bottle was buried, dug it up, and put it in their backpack for enjoyment throughout the day.

Our question to you is this, is what they did wrong? We've explained how festivals use booze sales to support their programming, but many on Tik Tok say the influencers were justified. No, it wasn't because of the price but because of the long lines at the drink counters.

Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images for NYCWFF
Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images for NYCWFF

One commenter suggested that the line for Tito's, a Texas favorite, was 45 minutes just to get a cocktail. If that was the rule and not the exception, I can see why these influencers went to all the trouble to bury the bottle and dig it up later.

Hmm, I wonder if anyone has thought of this trick for Festivals Acadiens et Creoles? There is a park, and you could probably find a place to dig a hole, but is turning to a life of "crime" worth it just so you don't have to stand in line?

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