If you want great service in a bar, you should be a good customer. That doesn't mean you need to go there often. It means you should do a few things that get the bartender's (positive) attention. If you annoy a bartender, you won't get great service, especially if the place is busy. Here are some hints...

#1 Tip when you order your first drink. That will get the bartender's attention, and get you remembered when it's busy. The term "Tips" was originally an abbreviation for "To insure prompt service."

#2 Know what you want to order. A busy bartender won't have time for you to make up your mind. They're under a lot of pressure to move quickly.

#3 Don't ask the barkeep to go easy on the ice. It won't get you a stronger drink. If you want more booze, order a double. It's usually cheaper than two singles, anyway.

#4 Don't wave money, yell or whistle. Bartenders are people. You're not calling your dog.

Here are more tips from buzzfeed.com.

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