I realize that I have just made a huge assumption about you the reader. I am assuming that you, like me, sometimes find your morning breakfast cereal to be as delicious as a bowl full of packing peanuts. There is actually nothing worse, at least in my mind than the first bite of stale cereal first thing in the morning.

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But, you might be asking, how does the cereal get stale when I have been closing the box the only way I have known how to close it my entire life? For most of us closing a box of cereal consists of rolling or wadding up the inner packaging, usually a plastic bag, and then attempting to slide the tab of one side of the box top into the slot in the other box top.

It's not rocket science and quite frankly, I thought I had taken the activity about as far as it could go. I surmised the reason my corn flakes got harder to swallow than an explanation on The View was the result of gremlins in my cabinet. Or, perhaps my method of wad/roll and then tab/slot didn't really work.

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But if you and I know the wrong way to box up our Post-Toasties, what's the right way to do this? [Editors Note: There is one NSFW word uttered at the end of this video, please adjust your volume accordingly]


That's Tik Tok creator @katybee2020 and yes, that's how you close a cereal box. She didn't show you the inside but we can only assume she secured the plastic bag by either rolling or wadding. Perhaps the "pyramid top" technique will prevent any spoilage or freshness reduction but I am not so sure.

Actually, this looks to be more trouble than it's worth. But, the jury is still out. I just found out about how the hack works and I am giving my Lucky Charms a week to get stale. We will do our taste test week and I will let you know how it turns out.

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