A Walmart employee recently posted a viral video captioned "POV: We know when you're stealing" that shows how employees know if you don't scan something and put it in your bag.

Walmart "We Know When You're Stealing"

TikTok user "@thewalmartguy69" posted a video demonstrating how Walmart employees are able to monitor the self-checkout registers to know if you're trying to steal items, I mean "accidentally forgetting to scan items".


Self Checkout Monitoring
@thewalmartguy69 Via TikTok


The alleged Walmart employee's video shows him at a Walmart self-checkout bay monitoring a device from a company called Zebra. Cleverly, the Zebra device looks just like a cell phone as not to attract attention to an employee while monitoring customer's purchases.

The Zebra device lists the item count along with product details at each self-checkout register.

This allows employees to tell when things aren't matching up.

Simply by comparing the amount of merchandise a customer has bagged to the final total, they can quickly tell when someone has "accidentally forgotten to scan a few items."

From foxbusiness.com -

In one, the individual says they have seen people wrap clothes and put them in a backpack or a non-see-through container to smuggle out of the store.


The person also said another way people try to steal is by simply not scanning items placed on the rack at the bottom of their shopping cart.


@thewalmartguy69Reply to @thewalmartguy69 I’ve never stolen from walmart i’m just sharing information to let you guys know we check all these things! ##work♬ Monki (Doesn't Wear Any Pants) - Sposato



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