Good morning Sugahs.  We are one day away from the most popular day of the workweek, Friday. Today is National Croissant Day. It's also the day before the Polyester Power Hour (PPH) on 99.9 KTDY.  Win a weekend stay at Moody Gardens Resort and Spa on the PPH tomorrow morning.  You'll need the KTDY mobile app.

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185 years ago - In 1835, Andrew Jackson became the first President to survive an assassination attempt. His attacker used 2 pistols to try to shoot him.  BOTH misfired.

87 years ago - In 1933, The world heard The Lone Ranger on the radio for the first time in 1955. It lasted 22 years.

72 years ago - In 1948, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated.

51 years ago - In 1969, The Beatles made their final public appearance.

47 years ago - In 1973, KISS played their first concert. It was the Popcorn Club.  Less than 10 people showed up and the group only earned $50.00.

14 years ago - In 2006, Coretta Scott King died at age 78.


Kid Cudi is 36.  Rapper and actor.

Wilmer Fernando Lamas Valderrama is 40.  Nick Torres on "NCIS" and Fez on "That '70s Show".

Andy Milonakis is 44. MTV comedian.

Christian Bale is 46. Actor.

Brett Butler is 62. Actress.

Charles S. Dutton is 69. Actor.

Phil Collins is 69. Singer.

Dick Cheney is 79. American politician.

Vanessa Redgrave is 83. Legendary actress.

Gene Hackman is 90. Legendary actor.

Marty Balin from Jefferson Airplane (1942 - 2018).

Dick Martin (1922 - 2008) "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In".

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882 - 1945) 32nd President.

Payne Stewart (1957 - 1999) Golfer.


• 3 days until Groundhog Day.

• 15 days until Valentine's Day.

• 38 days until Daylight Saving Time.


Today: Cloudy, 59.

Tonight: Cloudy, 47.

Friday: 50% chance for rain, 57.

Saturday: Partly Cloudy, 62.

Sunday: Partly Cloudy, 65.

Rain Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week.  Ugh.

Have a fantastic Thursday.

cj and jenn


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