We germaphobes have been trying to tell you that hand dryers are only good for spreading germs around. Now, we've got proof!

Nichole Ward is doing God's work. She stuck a Petri dish under a bathroom hand dryer and what incubated inside after two days makes a Bourbon Street gutter after Mardi Gras look immaculate by comparison. Ward posted the pic to Facebook and it's since gone viral, spreading almost as fast as the stomach - wrenching things spawned in her Petri dish.

A spokesperson for Dyson, makers of the dryers, says they're alarmed by Ward's discovery but also questioned Ward's methods. They say their dryers have filters that capture bacteria, but that hasn't stopped Ward's post from going viral and causing many to share that they too will no longer use air dryers.

I'm not saying Dyson's lying, but I stopped using air dryers years ago. If there aren't paper towels, I just dry my hands on my clothes (pockets are good for this) or pull a Sheldon Cooper and just wait for someone to open the restroom door so I can slip out.

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