Someone didn't approve.

Charisse Gibson got an email from a television viewer who did not approve of the necklace she wore while at the desk on WWL-TV.

The viewer told Gibson in the email, which she took the screenshot of, "If you persist in wearing a medallion of Africa, please know that I will change channels.”

The upset viewer did not stop there as they went on to say, “You are an American first and should be proud of that.”

When Gibson posted the email sent to her, in a Tweet, her only response to the disgruntled email and person was,"Nah".

The WWL-TV anchor and New Orleans native told that she does not usually share the "hate" or "criticism" she gets, but this time she wanted people to see it, and they have.

Many have commented under Gibson's Tweet and so many have offered up their support to the local television anchor.

Gibson went on to tell that she never intended to argue with the viewer who did not approve of her necklace, but she is proud to be an African-American.

As for her employer, WWL-TV Executive Producer Keith Esparros told the following about the complaint, "At WWL, we embrace diversity in the people we hire, the stories we tell, and celebrate the diversity of all New Orleanians. We will continue to support Charisse and continue to celebrate diversity and inclusion. “

To read more about what Charisse Gibson had to say about this complaint, visit for the complete interview.

Charisse Gibson Twitter
Charisse Gibson Twitter

Let me just note here that I have personally spoken to local TV anchors here in Lafayette and some tell me they receive such criticism on a weekly basis.

One viewer once told someone here that her haircut made her look less attractive. So yes, some even here in Acadiana aren't afraid to express themselves when it comes to critiquing those reading the daily news.

Here are just a few things some had to say to Gibson after she posted the email on Twitter. Check out some of the support she has received.

Since some of these positive comments surfaced on social media, Gibson has come back to Twitter to thanks all for their continued support.


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