Videos and photos on social media show the devastation caused by heavy rainfalls across the Dallas, TX area. Hundreds of flights out of the area were canceled as roadways and homes flooded.

Twitter via @AP
Twitter via @AP

As many residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area flocked to safety, some were able to capture the devastating results of today's flooding.

ABC reports that Dallas received three-months worth of rain overnight and the results were absolutely awful.

Videos and Photos of Flooding across Dallas Area

Some folks' apartments and homes received flooding as well.

Details on the weather event across the Dallas-Fort Worth area coming from @AP below.

Another report from the area coming from CNN shared by @therecount here.

Here in Louisiana, we understand just how devastating these types of floods can be. We hope for the best for everyone in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as they begin recovering from this disastrous weather event.

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