A 100-car-pile up in Fort Worth, TX resulted in at least five fatalities and multiple injuries due to icy road conditions. A heroic moment from the rescue efforts for the accident came when a firefighter rescued a dog that was trapped inside of a vehicle involved in the accident.

You can check out footage of the heroic moment from the horrific accident from KSLA News 12 on Facebook below.

Although most of the news surrounding this event has been devastating, this moment shimmered some semblance of serenity through the unbelievable circumstances. You can see firefighters working amidst the wreckage of vehicles in order to pull a dog out of the back window of a pickup truck. We are unsure about the current condition of the dog's owner, but hope that this good dog gets home safe and sound.

After a night of freezing rain and sleight, the terrible pile-up happened along the I-35 highway early on the morning of February 11, 2021. Recovery efforts began as soon as they could, with multiple motorists stuck inside of their vehicles even after traffic had gotten under control.

We have videos and further information on the pile-up HERE*WARNING - Footage of incident is graphic*

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