A few days ago, my ex-wife was telling me that her mother had a small mishap that caused her to have a pretty big bruise.  What she put on that bruise, I had never heard of anyone doing.

My ex-mother-in-law was a very respected nurse for many years.  She's been retired for some time now, but there's a bunch we can learn from our elders.  Like what to put on a bruise.

My ex-wife told me that her mom was putting Vicks VopoRub on her bruise.  One of the ingredients is eucalyptus.  And her mom learned over the years that the way Vicks is formulated is perfect to help heal a bruise.

Well, just so happens I have been having a bruise under my left eye for a few weeks now.  I've tried all kinds of stuff to help make it go away faster.  Even splurged on 100% aloe vera from Whole Foods.  One bottle was a weeks pay, (lol).  And nothing.  Zero difference.

I respect my ex-mother-in-law very much.  She's a smart seasoned cookie.  She's been around a while, she's seen a lot and she knows a lot.  So, I went out and bought a jar of Vicks VapoRub.  I put it on my bruise last night before bed and this morning, there was a definite improvement in the bruise on my face.  No doubt about it.

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I am 100% convinced that Vicks VapoRub works on helping to speed the healing of a bruise.  I saw a drastic improvement after just one night of use.

Always consult your physician before using any medications including OTC products.

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