During a recent visit to a local hospital, I noticed the "Veteran Parking Only" signs on parking spots in the parking lot.

Veterans' Parking Spot Townsquare Media Photo by John Falcon
Veterans' Parking Spot Townsquare Media Photo by John Falcon

There were a total of 4 spots (that I could see) in the parking lot of Lourde's Hospital on Ambassador Caffery, and they were located right next to the handicapped spots.

Not to profile, but the vehicles using the spots appeared to be vehicles that older people may drive (there were two trucks that resembled my father's vehicle, and a car like my mom used to drive). I am certain that any elderly veterans appreciate the more convenient parking accommodations, reducing their walking distance to the entrance of the hospital (or any other business/facility).

I find it refreshing that business owners are trying to pay back the veterans in their own way, whether it's with a veteran's discount, special parking accommodations, or through donations to veteran's organizations. Another place I noticed that allots special veteran parking: BJ's Brewhouse has a reserved spot for Purple Heart recipients!

To those who have served our country, thank you. And to those businesses and individuals who are recognizing that service, thank you!

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