Although not as hard hit as much of Louisiana, the rising Vermilion River has caused flooding in the city of Lafayette. Homes up and down the river that normally have a nice view of the slow-moving water were flooded, some under several feet of water, as over 20 inches of rain fell in a day's time. This video was shot on the back side of Ruffino's on the River, away from the parking lot, behind Iberia Bank and The Breast Center. Yesterday, August 13, 2016, the water was at least as high as the top steps at the entrance of the restaurant, which is on the other side of the building. The aftermath of a weather system that dropped over 20 inches of rain over a 24 hour period in Louisiana has devastated much of our state. This video shows one small area of the city which is frequented by many, not only for the food and view of the river at Ruffino's, but also for great free events like Rhythms on the River and The Big Easel Art Festival which take place about half a mile away.


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