La. Congressman Garrett Graves has reportedly threatened what amounts to suing the US Department of Housing and Urban Development over nearly a quarter billion dollars in Restore Louisiana funds that were appropriated for victims of the historic 2016 flood. WAFB reports, flood victims were instructed to apply for SBA loans for repairs, understanding Restore funds could be used to repay the loans. A duplication of benefits clause prevented those who qualified for the loans from receiving the HUD funds. A measure correcting the problem was enacted by congress last October. It's b been nearly three months since the measure was passed, and funds have yet to be dispersed.

“We changed the law and we rolled them. I think we’ve got some people with hurt feelings that are trying to throw up any last impediments that they can.”                     - Congressman Garrett Graves (R. La.)

Graves has threatened measures to withhold non essential funding  from HUD in an effort to pressure the agency into quicker action.

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