Do you speak French? Do you Yoga? Well, we have a place for you!

The place is Vermilionville, and I was kidding about speaking French. Kind of.

You don't have to speak French to attend Yoga at Vermilionville, but you might learn some, as the historical site now offers Yoga sessions in French.

A niche market, Yoga in French? Yes, but if we don't tell you about it, you might not find out about it. You might be a Yoga enthusiast who speaks French. You might be a Yoga enthusiast who wants to learn French. You might speak French and want to begin Yoga. Voila! Here's Yoga, in French!

The sessions are offered at 5:30 pm every first Tuesday of the month. Anissa Galloubi provides guidance as you Yoga your way to relaxation (yes, Yoga is a verb, meaning "to engage". Who knew?) in French. If you don't understand French, just watch what the other students are doing and follow along. Soon, you'll understand what "chien à terre" means.

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The first few classes are 75 minutes of "What did she say?", and will eventually turn into 75 minutes of "I know what that means!" if you pay attention. You can strike "une pose" on the first Tuesday of each month on the beautiful, historical grounds of Vermilionville. Class size is limited so reserve your spot sooner than later by emailing the curator at the Bayou Vermilion District organization. The email address is

There is a suggested donation of $5 per person per class, and that money helps support Vermilionville.

Namaste, Vous-Autre!!

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