This isn't nice.

Watch as a USPS delivery person tosses a package onto the roof of a house.

The incident was all caught on a camera mounted on the house, and now the woman who was waiting on the package is asking why anyone would this.

This all happened in the town of Terrytown, LA. The woman who was anticipating the package is pregnant and was waiting on clothes for her other child.

Yeimi Alcantara says that she heard the package land on her rooftop and that the noise alerted her that something was not right. She would learn about the package on the roof after going to her security cameras and viewing what you can see below.

There has been no response from USPS as of yet because the offices and post office were closed over the weekend.


According to a report on WGNO, the woman says that she had not retrieved the package from her roof. What upsets her the most is that within the package is clothing for her child

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