It's one of the busiest times of the year for postal and parcel delivery workers. Those unsung heroes of the holiday season often go about unnoticed, but a family in Westchester County, New York, wants to make sure the world knows what their delivery man did--and how grateful they are for his actions.

According to a report from the Tri-State Area's News 12 cable news network, Megan and Mike Delaney got a notification from their Ring camera that someone was outside their home. When they opened the app and viewed the video, they saw a UPS driver doing more than just dropping off their order. That driver, Josh Satkin, went out of his way to hide the boxes in plain sight, putting trash cans and other items in front of and around the packages so the Delaneys' children wouldn't find them before their parents could get to them.

Here is the video of Satkin playing "Secret Santa"--courtesy of News 12's Blaise Gomez's Facebook page.


Now we know the answer to UPS's famous slogan: What can Brown do for you? Kudos to Satkin for helping keep the mystery of Santa Claus alive for the Delaney children.

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