The car I drive is from 2006. I have something on my key ring that a lot of you don't. I have an actual car key that cranks the ignition on my vehicle. Today's modern cars have a fob. A fob that needs to be within a certain distance of the vehicle for the push button starting mechanism to engage. But is that technology leaving you open to a crime?

Many cyber experts think those fobs that we use for our cars can be a very weak link in security. That's why many experts suggest you do what they do. They put their keys in a metal coffee can whenever they park their car.

All a thief needs to get into or take your car is digital data contained within your fob. Unfortunately, that information can be easily gleaned through a door at your house or at a motel.

The solution? Simply place your keys in a metal coffee can. The metal surrounding the key fob creates a Faraday Cage. Basically, the metal blocks the electromagnetic field that is being transmitted from your fob. Therefore the bad guys can't get your fob information with a simple electronic device.

Now comes the problem of finding a coffee can that's still made of metal. Many of them are now high tech plastic and that's no good for nobody no how.



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