(USA TODAY) A poisonous plant known as poison hemlock has migrated into the United States from Europe and is showing up along highways, ditches, fields, flower beds and backyards all across America.

Just what we need in the middle of a pandemic, a poisonous plant that literally pops up out of nowhere and is poisonous to you, your family, pets and livestock if any part of the plant is eaten.

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According to Dan Shaver with Indiana's Natural Resources Conservation Service, people nor pets should be around poison hemlock.

It is not a plant you want around your home or in your local park. -Dan Shaver to USA TODAY

Poison Hemlock has been found in all 50 states and during this time of year, the plant is at its peak growth. The plant produces seeds that ripen annually in June and August. Through August the plant will produce and spread up to 30,000 seeds, so once it arrives, it's very hard to control.

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The poisonous plant is said to look like Queen Anne's Lace plant. According to experts, when removing from your yard, flower bed, between cracks in concrete or wherever you find it, always wear gloves eye protection and long sleeves.

Poison Hemlock's rath on the body starts about 30 minutes after being ingested.

The hemlock poisoning can be fatal and all plant parts contain toxic alkaloids capable of interfering with nerve transmissions in muscle, which may cause respiratory failure, as well as trembling, salivation, pupil dilation, muscle paralysis and loss of speech. -USA TODAY


Experts say the plant may also be confused with parsley

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