Back in November, we brought you the story of Carter, who was found in a cane field in Iberia Parish.

When Carter was found, every part of his body was swollen and affected by mange.  He had a staff infection and other ailments, and the possibility of blindness was looming over his head.

Cajun Paws Rescue sprung into action for Carter, getting him veterinary care immediately. Steps were taken to reduce the swelling, cure the infection, treat the mange and try to protect his eyesight.

Fast-forward to today: The infection is gone, Carter has gained 100% of his sight back and he is growing hair!


Cajun Paws Rescue

As it turns out, Carter is a big lovable, handsome goofball!  The "ugly" that was covering his true identity came from neglect and, now that Carter has been shown some love, he has begun to shine.

A wonderful dog like this deserves a place to call home. He is somewhere between 1 and 2 years old, and he loves other dogs. He is great with kids and loves meeting new people.

To the staff at Cajun Paws Rescue, he is the complete package: handsome and lovable, with a new lease on life.

Cajun Paws Rescue

Due to the neglect and setbacks stemming from his hospitalization, Carter does need some training and someone to teach him a few manners.  He knows "sit", and picked up on that quickly, showing an intelligence and willingness to be obedient.

Everyone who has met Carter instantly fell in love!

Our goal for the remainder of Carter's life is to never have him in a neglected situation ever again.  He had a rough start, and now it's time to get this baby into a loving home: a fur-ever home!

Cajun Paws Rescue

Right now, due to a lack of foster homes, Carter lives in a boarding facility.  He is given love and is comfortable, but nothing compares to the love and comfort of a family.

Please consider giving Carter a chance in your home, as he does not deserve to live in boarding.  Contact Cajun Paws Rescue if your family would like to adopt or foster Carter, or make a donation via PayPal to the organization to help them continue their mission of rescuing Man's Best Friend!

Cajun Paws Rescue/Brandon Foster Photography


(Facebook/Cajun Paws Rescue, Brandon Foster Photography)