Cajun Paws Rescue (CPR) took in "Carter" last night, and they need help nursing him back to health.

CPR gets 100s of emails, calls, messages, and texts about dogs in need. But this one hit them hard.

Facebook/Cajun Paws Rescue

Meet Carter. He was found running out of a cane field in Iberia Parish and the guy who found him just couldn't bear to leave him on the side of the road. So, he picked him up and called CPR.

Carter's poor little body has been through the ringer: every part of his body was swollen, even his eyes were swollen shut. He was rushed to the vet the minute he was picked up.

Carter will be having surgery to place sutures in his eyes to hold back his eyelids. His right eye has a huge ulcer on it causing some loss of vision. The hopes are that the procedure will help gain his sight back in that eye.

Facebook/Cajun Paws Rescue

He also has demodex mange and staff infection.

One could sense the relief that he felt knowing he was being taken care of now.

Turns out that Carter is a big sweetheart that loves giving kisses, even after all he has been through.

Facebook/Cajun Paws Rescue

Carter is on his way to recovery, but the vet bills are racking up.  Please consider donating to his vet care in one of two ways:

  1. By calling the vet, LVCC directly and making a payment (of any dollar amount) to Cajun Paws Rescue account, 337-984-7611  or
  2. By clicking on their PayPal link and donating any dollar amount to his care.

Cajun Paws Rescue is an Acadiana-area non-profit animal rescue organization, run by volunteers.  Your donation will help to house, feed, and cure these dogs and, above all, show them that there is love in this world.

(Facebook/CajunPaws Rescue)