On Monday Gov. Bobby Jindal signed into law a bill that will make it illegal to smoke within 200 feet of the entrances, exits and outdoor areas of any public or private elementary or secondary school in the state. This law is effective immediately. Another signed into law will ban smoking within 25 feet of a public entrance to a state-owned office building. That law takes effect January 1, 2015.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has decided to be more proactive. UL is banning tobacco from it's campuses effective August 1, 2014. According to Joey Pons, associate director of Public Safety at UL,

Previously, smoking was permitted outdoors at least 25 feet away from building entrances. Our new tobacco-free policy goes further. Besides removing secondhand smoke from our campuses, we want to support those who are trying to quit tobacco altogether.

Even though UL is attempting to establish a tobacco-free campus, there are a few exceptions.

  •  Smoking is permitted in personal vehicles in University parking lots or on public streets on campus, but not in University parking garages.
  • Use of tobacco is permitted at tailgating spaces outside athletic facilities during NCAA events.
  • Electronic cigarettes will be allowed in outdoor areas but not indoors.

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