An Uber Eats/Door Dash Driver got emotional after making $1 on a delivery that took 45 minutes. Low tips have him about to be homeless.

The guy takes to social media with a moving video in which he breaks down crying. He explains that the delivery he just made took 45 minutes. He had to pay $3 for parking because the customer wouldn't meet him outside. He received a $1.50 tip and made $2.50 from Uber. In total, he made $1 for a 45-minute delivery.

However, his video has stirred up a firestorm of negative comments.

Something don’t add up here. I used to make about 600 a week doing door dash part time when I wasn’t at my day job. I’m confused how he can’t make his rent if his doing this full time.-DreaM

That ain't nobody fault but your own... you chose that job, taco bell and mcdonalds are hiring, but i bet you "too good" for that.-Stevie Dibase

Get a construction job, even if you don’t know the trade you’ll start off as a helper and make more then you do right now from Uber eats and DoorDash. It’s good to have a skill set because you can bring that with you anywhere. Do DoorDash and Uber eats as a side income.-Franklin Cali

The man in the video says he's about to be homeless. He's been trying his best to pay the rent but if customers don't tip accordingly, he will be homeless soon.

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