The US Senate approves legislation to honor former Saints standout and ALS advocate Steve Gleason with the Congressional Gold Medal, which is the highest honor a citizen can receive from Congress.

Senator Bill Cassidy, one of the bill’s sponsors, speaks about his experience meeting Steve.

“When you first meet Steve you expect to feel pity, and yet as you walk in and meet him as he speaks to you through the machines he’s helped develop you feel inspired.”

Gleason was diagnosed with ALS in 2011 and he quickly became an inspiration for those living with the fatal disease. Cassidy says Gleason’s ‘No Whit Flags’ message has resulted in millions of dollars being raised to fight the disease

“Steve continues to challenge the heads of industry and medicine to improve the science and technology to help find a cure for ALS.”

Cassidy says Gleason has motivated others by his spirit even though ALS has robbed him of his ability to walk and speak.

“And his message is simple, your life still has meaning, your best years can still be ahead of you. Steve is a role model not just for those in the disability community, but for all Americans.”

The legislation now heads to the House seeking approval.

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