If I were some third world ne'er do well thinking of taking on Uncle Sam armed with only a sack of rocks I'd certainly reconsider those thoughts after watching a performance of the United States Navy's Blue Angels.

It only takes a few seconds to figure out the pilots who make the Blue Angels soar are some of the best military pilots in the world. Their machinery and technology are cutting edge. Their aim is true and their mission is well defined. And this is just the group the Navy sends around the world to show off.

It was announced yesterday the Navy's premier flight demonstration team, the Blue Angels would be a part of the 2021 Chennault International Air Show at Chennault Airport in Lake Charles. The show dates for 2021 are June 4th through June 6th.

That announcement was made yesterday by airshow organizers who hope that the early announcement of the Blue Angels to the list of performers will encourage patrons to grab up tickets and reserve their spaces early once ticketing has begun.

Regardless, the Blue Angels will be just a small part of the Chennault International Air Shows full line up. We can expect details on what other acts and featured performers and exhibits will be coming to the area next year.


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