Two women who took a ride on a swing ride at Sulak Canyon in Russia are lucky to be alive after a horrible accident that sent them flying out of the swing and plunging into the Sulak Canyon.

UncleRandom, Twitter

The swing at the Sulak Canyon in Russia is very much like a swing you might find in your backyard, the only difference is that this swing takes regular people out over the Sulak Canyon which is deeper than the Grand Canyon in the United States. With every back and forth motion, riders swing out over the edge of the cliff and are not strapped in, they merely sit in the swing as a guy pushes them like kids in a playground. Keep in mind Sulak Canyon is 6,300 feet deep.

UncleRandom, Twitter


This video shows two women excitedly sitting in the swing as it goes back and forth, taking them over the edge of the canyon with every back and forth motion. They are having a great time until one of the ropes on the swing snaps sending both women out of the swing and into the canyon below.

Luckily both women landed on a narrow decking platform under the edge of the cliff and survived with only minor injuries.

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