One of my favorite sports to attend in person, watch on television, and especially listen to on the radio is high school football. I love the enthusiasm of the whole atmosphere. The only thing I would change about high school football is the sometimes pompous and entitled position that some schools and coaches take about the importance of the sport.

The Advocate is now reporting that 10 Louisiana schools are under investigation for allegedly violating the early practice ban put in place by the LHSAA. The LHSAA, Louisiana High School Athletic Association, had told member schools there were to be no organized practices, camps, workouts, or gatherings of teams until at least June 8th. This order was put in place as part of the state's coronavirus mitigation plan.

Tuesday it was reported that four New Orleans area schools were being investigated for violating that LHSAA order. The number of schools being investigated has now risen to ten. Two other schools in the New Orleans area have been implicated as well as two schools in north  Louisiana and sadly, two schools in the Lafayette area.

As of now, the LHSAA has declined to name the schools that are under investigation. The governing body was quick to inform the media that they did not go out looking for violators.

The violations were brought to their attention by parents of children who did not want their kids involved in any sports programs until the prescribed date of June 8th. It is believed that videos and pictures of the violations were sent to the LHSAA by those parents.

Among the sanctions LHSAA member schools could face if found guilty of these allegations are fines up to $2,500 plus probation or suspensions for the schools and their coaches. Those schools that are found guilty of unfair practices will have a chance to appeal and plead their case when the LHSAA meets on June 24th.

Personally, I believe any coach or group of coaches that condones this kind of rule violation needs to be removed from the teaching profession. Teaching kids that cheating is okay if you don't get caught is not the kind of lesson I'd want my child learning. Those student-athletes deserve better than to be mentored by individuals who can't seem to grasp the real truths of fair play and sportsmanship.


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