The old saying is a "picture is worth a thousand words", right? But what if that picture is so unique, so disturbing, so hard to comprehend you go from a thousand words to no words? Yeah, I am speaking of pictures that leave you speechless.

14. The Others (2001)
Warner Bros.

The Internet calls them "cursed images" and while we can't authenticate any actual witchcraft, voodoo, or tent revival influence we can tell you a lot of the pictures that carry the moniker "cursed images" will certainly raise a few questions.

Many of those questions begin with "what the ...." you can fill in your own word for what best suits your sensibilities. But if you love looking at the stranger side of life and seeing pictures that maybe we weren't really supposed to see, you need to check out this page on Twitter. It's called Cursed Images and here are just a few of the "more cursed" that we found just by scrolling through.

How'd you like to step out onto your front porch to that magnificent sunset only to see thousands of glowing eyes staring back at you?

Evidently, this restaurant did not want to disturb their ambiance by moving any decorations to accommodate the television. When people can't agree, you get scenes that look like this.

Winnie the Pooh is a delightful character when there is only one of him. When you have an entire herd of Winnie the Poohs things do get a little bit hard to understand. All I know is that you can't take a walk in this town's square without stepping in pooh.

This next cursed image looks as if it could have been taken in a South Louisiana home at any time over the past five decades. I guess in some places grinding meat in front of the baby is not acceptable, down here, it's a way of life.

Any child who has ever gone to a "cheap birthday party" will recognize the creatures from this next cursed image. I am pretty sure that these costumes are so bad that even the Disney lawyers couldn't make a case that their copyrights were being infringed upon. The Pink Panther looks like he's ready to go lock himself in the attic with some of that pink insulation stuff.

Looking for a great idea for a bad Halloween costume? How about "Koala on my Head". No, it's not just a face mask, it's an entire Koala's body that fits over your head. Talk about a costume that will charm the ladies.

Trail cameras are great sources of "what the hell was that" pictures. This trail camera captured two things it was supposed to capture and there is a third animal in the frame that probably shouldn't have been there.

And then there is this. Who said breakfast in bed was glamorous? I would think this person would not agree.

And we have just scratched the surface with some of these "cursed images" you can check out a bunch of other disturbing pictures on the official Twitter page. Assuming that Elon doesn't shut it down or fire everybody.

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