Twins or Judice Inn?  Two very different burgers, but two super popular joints for hamburgers.  I need you to pick a favorite.

No, you can't pick both.  Since 1947 Judice Inn on Johnston Street in Lafayette has been serving their infamous burgers, ice cream, shakes and still no fries, only chips.  Judice Inn is an icon in our city and thousands still flock to the ageless restaurant everyday.

Twins Burgers and Sweets, a derivative of the now defunct Southside Bakery is still Guilbeaux family owned and operated.  Like Judice Inn, the Guilbeaux 'twins', Denny and Billy, carry on family traditions.  Cakes, pastries, cookies and those Lafayette famous burgers.

Most of you have had burgers from both, so now it's time to get down to business.  Which is your favorite?  Now I realize many of you will have some other place in mind.  But that's not the question.  Of these two overwhelmingly popular restaurants in our city, which has your favorite burger?

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