Waking up long before sunrise for over 20 years for the CJ and Debbie Ray Morning Show, you may think Debbie Ray and I are 'morning people'.  She is, I am 100% NOT!  I come alive at about 10:30PM.  So when I found an article in 'Reader's Digest' explaining how to train yourself to become a morning person, I thought I'd share it with you.

According to the article, becoming a morning person is not that difficult.  The first key thing you must do is eat a high protein, high fiber breakfast.  An example would be oatmeal and eggs.

Don't stay up past your bedtime.  Debbie Ray tells me this ALL THE TIME.  It's simple, if you don't get enough sleep, you will never become a morning person.  You'll wake up tired and sluggish.

Going to bed at a certain time every night could also be important.  Once you do get on a schedule, it will become easy, your body will reset.

This one doesn't work for Deb and me, the article suggests letting more light into the bedroom.  We have to get up too early for this one.  By the time the sun comes up, we've been at work for a few hours.  The idea is, if you keep your bedroom dark, your body thinks it's always the middle of the night.  If your bedroom is pitch black, even if you sleep enough hours, you will still wake up groggy.  Sunlight coming in, will wake you up.

A little early morning exercise is essential.  That doesn't mean you have to hit the gym like a bodybuilder, just something quick like a few push-ups.  Remember, you are more likely to have a heart attack in the morning, so do something quick and easy.

I'll beusing these suggestions by the experts in the coming weeks.  If you decide to also, please let me know how it worked out for you.

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