Local boaters who support President Trump are planning an unofficial boat parade (or "non-parade") on Saturday, September 5, Labor Day Weekend.

According to the Facebook Event Page, the unofficial "Trump Boat Parade" will be held on the lower end of Lake Arthur at Myers Landing Campground. Boaters are encouraged to decorate their vessels to take part in the non-event, which will be filmed with an aerial camera.

We use the word "unofficial" because, as pointed out by Krystal P-nut Brossette (the person who isn't organizing the parade), an organized event would need a permit. To circumvent the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries permit requirement, the event is a non-event, and everyone is encouraged to make their own plans.

Per the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries if this is an “event” and it’s organized as a water parade, then a permit would have to be filed and approved. So everyone is encouraged to make their own plans, their own connections. - Krystal P-nut Brossette, Facebook

If you want your individual plans to coincide with everyone else's individual plans, include an 12pm start time on Saturday, September 5, 2020; that way it's not an event, even though you are all gathered together at the same time for the same purpose. Coincidentally, of course.

Brossette encourages any camps, homes, and businesses along the Mermentau River and Lake Arthur to fly their Trump flags as part of the non-event.

The non-parade will float from the campground landing to the Regatta Park, and then the sandbar.

To keep up-to-date on the non-plans, follow the non-parade Facebook Non-Event Page.


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