The hard seltzer trend took off and Truly is one of the top brands. It’s become the “drink of summer” because it’s cool, has a fruity flavor, it’s low in calories, and overall has a light taste.  Yes, it’s mostly consumed by females but guys are jumping on the Truly Train lately. It’s a great alternative to beer. Truly Hard Seltzer has done something really, really, smart. They’ve teamed up with a company called Tipsy Scoop that makes alcoholic ice cream. So now, we also get to enjoy hard seltzer-flavored ICE CREAM. Can you just see the excitement on my face?

Each pint is 5% alcohol and it supposedly tastes just like their hard seltzer. So, be careful not to eat too much. If it’s that delicious and you think you're just eating “ice cream”, you might start to slur your words a bit.

It comes in four flavors and I want to try all of them. Truly Original Lemonade Ice Cream, Black Cherry Lemonade Ice Cream, Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet, and Mango Lemonade Sorbet. They are also selling variety packs on for $48, plus shipping.


Well, I for one, can’t wait to try this!

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