NOAA has announced Tropical Depression #4 has officially formed.

The National Hurricane Center has issued coastal advisories for the Carolinas and Georgia. Currently, the center of Tropical Depression #4 is located at 31.9N 78.3W just off the coast of Charleston according to the Storm Team 3 Weather Lab.

Winds are currently at 35mph with gusts registering higher.


Tropical Storm Danny

Tropical Storm #4 is expected to strengthen before it makes landfall with forecasters predicting the storm to become Tropical Storm Danny at some point this evening (06/28/21).

This Tropical Depression is expected is bring heavy rains as it makes landfall somewhere along the Georgia, North Carolina, or South Carolina Coast.

Tropical Depression #4 currently has maximum predicted wind speeds of 40mph.

The effects of this storm are forecast to impact the Southern East Coast and into Tennessee as it travels inland.

Tropical Depression #4


Tropical Depresion #4

As of now, Tropical Depression #4 isn't expected to have any effects on Acadiana.

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