As Tropical Storm Nicholas makes landfall in Texas, many are wondering why this storm is posing such a threat to the Gulf Coast.

One extreme meteorologist went straight into the storm as it made landfall in Matagorda Beach, Texas. Reed Timmer is a meteorologist but also takes his profession to the next level by chasing major storms. He is best known for the SRV Dominator, a vehicle that he uses to intercept tornadoes. The Dominator is used to gather critical information on exactly how the bottom part of a tornado works and forms.

However, tonight Reed Timmer is monitoring Tropical Storm Nicholas and gathering scientific data to help the scientific community better understand these massive storms.

Not only is Reed gathering information but he is also documenting what he seems first hand on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I have been following Reed for several years now and I know that he not only takes his job of gathering data very seriously but he also knows that since he is on the ground when these storms hit, he is usually one of the first people to respond to the devastation. His team is always quick to act and help others once it is safe to do so.


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