What are the best things to do in Lafayette? When we want to get the real deal we go to the experts, and that's you. Tripadvisor.com has a list of the "9 Best Things To Do In Lafayette" as voted on by you, and here they are!

1) Lake Martin Rookery - Descriptions and advice include "Just drive slow and look for where the photographers are taking pictures" and "It's the best free location to experience Cajun culture."

2) St. John Cathedral - We drive by it everyday in downtown Lafayette and might take for granted just how amazing the St. John Cathedral really is. Fans on tripadvisor.com say "I'm so glad we stopped to see it while we were in town. The 500 year old tree beside it is also impressive."

3) Acadian Cultural Center - Coming in as the third best thing to see in Lafayette is the Acadiana Cultural Center. If you haven't been in a while, you should definitely get by there soon. One reviewer says "Gives a good overview of the start of Acadian life in the area. The little museum is nicely displayed and easy to see."

4) Vermilionville - Absolutely one of the most special places in all of Acadiana. One review says "When visiting the Lafayette area, be sure to include Vermilionville as part of your visit. You will learn a lot about the history of the Acadians who came to Louisiana."

5) Food Tours - Lafayette is a food lover's paradise. We have not one, but two food tours you can take. Cajun Food Tours and Splendid Events will cart you around Lafayette and Acadiana to enjoy some of the best local Cajun food available.

6) Acadian Village - Another incredible living museum of Cajun culture, Acadian Village is a must visit place for locals and out-of-towners. Described by one visitor as "a wonderful way to explain the Cajun (Acadian) culture to visitors, curious children, or to reacquaint yourself with the heritage of the area. It is a true jewel and a place not to be missed in Lafayette."

7) Lafayette Science Museum - A family favorite located in Downtown Lafayette, the Lafayette Science Museum will inform and entertain visitors of any age. One recent visitor from New Orleans says "This is an outstanding exhibit of the history of the petroleum industry! Good for beginners and advanced energy professionals."

8) Evangeline State Park - Another great place to go to experience a step back in time to appreciate Cajun culture. Just a quick trip to St. Martinville to enjoy a "wonderful State park near lafayette that has an old home and farm on it. See how the original settlers in the area lived and worked."

9) The Acadiana Center For The Arts - Located Downtown at the corner of Vermilion and Jefferson street, you'll find musical performances, art displays, social functions and more. As one reviewer puts it "Excellent location, excellent seating and excellent staff. Would highly recommend visiting."




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